• Our courses are as follows:
  • Stock Market and Fundamentals:

    This is basic course in which student gets answer, from basic question like "what is share?" to "what is Fundamental analysis of stocks?"

  • Probing the Chart:

    This course contain conventional topic of Technical analysis like Dow Theory, Elliott Wave Theory (an introduction), Different Price Charts (Line Chart, Bar Chart, Kagi Chart, Renko Chart, 3-Line Break Chart, Point and figure Chart, Candlestick Chart), Price Patterns, Indicators, Trend lines, Support and Resistance, Time Cycles, Harmonic Patterns, Derivative Analysis, Trading and of-course, 'DPB'- benefits with Technical Analysis and Trading'.

  • Vision Beyond Horizon:

    This is advanced course, contain detail study of NEo Wave Theory. Enable you to plot the Wave Chart accurately. Enable you to understand the complex Chapter 3 of MEW, All NEo Wave Pattern with their types, sub-types and different version. NEo Wave newly emerged Patterns and Trading with NEo Wave.

  • Probing the Trading-Mind:

    This is something beyond the NEo Wave, Gann Techniques or whatever system you are using in perfection but still away from success. No matters, who are you? An investor, Trader or an Analyst, no matters, what experience do you have? This course will educate you to probe your own trading mind, Identify the blockage of mind, which creates hurdle in your success and restructuring the trading mind. For sure this short term course will prove helpful for you.