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    Basic Course - Stock Market and Fundamentals is a basic course in which student gets answer, from basic question like "what is share?" to "what is Fundamental analysis of stocks?" This course will make you able to Read Financial Statements, to Determine strength of a company by ratio analysis, Master the Sector Analysis, Identify Value Migration, Find the Next Big Trend, Construct and manage your own Portfolio and more.



    Intermediate Course- Complete Technical Analysis course contain conventional topic of Technical analysis like... Trend Lines, Support and Resistance, Dow Theory, Elliott Wave Theory (an introduction), Different Price Charts, Traditional Price Patterns, Advanced Channeling Patterns, Indicators, Time Cycles, Effect of News and other factors, Derivative Analysis, Money Management and Practical Trading Technical Analysis.



    Forecasting and Trading with NEo Wave Analysis is our most demanded course, containing detail study of NEo Wave Theory as well as few Ganns Techniques and also about our findings. This course enable you to plot the Wave Chart accurately and make you aware with all NEo Wave Pattern with their types, sub-types and different version, NEo Wave newly emerged Patterns and Trading with NEo Wave.


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Subscribers may call during or after market hours and discuss about their trade, market condition, or educational queries for our opinion.

Telephonic Conversation

  • Telephonic Conversation:

    Subscribers may call during or after market hours and discuss about their trade, market condition, or educational queries for our opinion.

    • Charges- Rs 500 per Call
    • Call Limit: Not more than 10 minutes
  • Portfolio Consulting:

    For our opinion on your portfolio mail us - detail of your portfolio such as Scrip, Entry Date, Entry Price and Quantity.

    • Subscription Charges Rs 1000.
    • If your portfolio containing scrip's more than 15 then Rs 50 per script.

What Client Says?

  • Mr Dhruv Kapoor - Delhi
    Mr Dhruv Kapoor - Delhi

    I'm a subscriber to the service for only one month, but I'm extremely satisfied with the kind of analysis provided in the research reports. It has helped me to stay on the right direction of the market even during choppy times, and avoiding wrong impulsive trades. The analysis provided forecasts the direction for the coming days with clearly defined stop loss and targets. The service being provided with live updates is exceptional and helps protect profits in the form of trailing stoploss. I wish the best to the IITWA team for making trading NIFTY in a scientific manner using wave theory. - Dhruv Kapoor - Delhi

  • Mr Gopal Hegde - Bangalore
    Mr Gopal Hegde - Bangalore

    I have been with you since last few weeks. Your updates reflect the way you think as a trader, not just technical entry and exit levels. Your approach broadens my perspective of the market. Every word you say is enlightening as i find your approach quite revolutionary. I applaud your Live - Time updates with technical charts that helps us to take decisive decision and clear technical doubt. I thank you for your great research. Thank you. Gopal Hegde - Bangalore

  • Mrs Varadayini Gowda - Bangalore
    Mrs Varadayini Gowda - Bangalore

    Any trader or investor want to go with trend which surely acquired by your reporting service. The specialty of your forecasting and trading reports is providing a road map for trading through forecasting reports and helping us to ride the waves with trading reports. Your analysis is amazing, wonderful experience to learn neo wave you. -Vardayini Gowda, Bangalore